This Door's For You!


Rod French has big doors. Really big doors! At French Manufacturing, you will find the solution to your entryway in any capacity. Located at 20960 636th Street in Dodge Center, you will find Rod hard at work in his own steel fabrication shop he began in 2001, after many years of working in the industry. As a family run business, he takes pride in his knowledge and expertise on his jobs, and stands behind his work. The peace of mind you get in knowing that you are working with one company through the whole process is invaluable.

But who needs really big doors, you may ask. Well hundreds of Power Lift doors have been installed in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin in a vast variety of buildings. Being that the midwest is known for its agricultural prowess, think barns. Think heavy equipment used to plant, spray and harvest the crops on millions of acres, and where they are kept when not in use. Think airplane sprayers used for agricultural purposes, and even small planes to transport everything from people to products. A turn-key PowerLift door is the best choice for your aviation, commercial, farm or architectural projects. Replacing existing, worn out doors with a PowerLift hydraulic door will put an end to struggles with older sliding, bi-fold or overhead doors, and each door is custom fit and custom built right here in Dodge Center. The best part of the custom retrofit doors is that it will expand your current clear opening height and width for improved ease of entry, without having to change the building itself.

Another option would be their Hydaway Hydraulic Walls for more recreational or residential projects. Just like their couterpart, PowerLift Doors, they are custom fit and manufactured in Dodge Center, but think more along the lines of Man Cave, She Shed, Margarita Room, and you begin to see a way to add class to your home. Of course, restaurants, bars and boat houses also can have glass applications to add a cleaner finish with hidden cylinders and a precise fit, and soft close performance. Hydaway Walls recently won Best of Show in the outdoor product division of the NAHB/IBS business show in Las Vegas in 2023!

Rod and his crew will come to your location, measure up the existing opening, and suggest the best solution for your needs. They will then custom build the door with all welded construction for a precise fit. This ensures that there are no bolts or screws that will come loose over time, and need replacement. Once the door is complete, they will deliver and install it for you, guaranteeing your satisfaction. This isn't a "big box store" type of operation, either. Because each door is personally built, delivered and installed, you know his reputation is based on quality and timely service. Even after the project is complete, Rod is just a phone call away if you have questions.

So if you are thinking of upgrading your present set up, call Rod and let him know what you want to accomplish at (507) 374-9306. And tell him Cheri sent you!