Rollin' Down the Road


Despite the old songs you may think of when you read today's title, what else do you think of? My first thought is tires! Tires? you ask.... Yes, the ones on your car, truck, trailer and heavy equipment that get you down the road!

So, todays story is about Jorgenson Tire Service in Dodge Center. Located at 301 Highway Street NW, you really can't miss it when cruising around Dodge Center. Bruce Jorgenson is the owner, and has been for almost 35 years. Well known to most locals, Bruce has been a staple not only to the residents he sells tires and does oil changes for, but also the farmers who depend on him to fix their tires during planting and harvest times in case of emergencies, to get their equipment back up and "rolling down the road"!

Bruce grew up and went to school in Hayfield. After graduating, he worked at Farmer's Co Op from 1976 to 1979, learning how to work on equipment and tires. In 1979, he began working for McNeilus, and worked his way up to Supervisor in the Rolling Department where the mixers were made. In 1981, he bought a home in Dodge Center. Driving past the tire shop that had closed in 1988 every day, he got the idea to open it up again, and in 1990 took a leap of faith, and bought the shop and the home next to it, and started his own business.

Bruce loves what he does, and his customers come back time and time again. While I was in his shop getting info for this article, several local customers came in to pick up and drop off vehicles, and I could see that they were all pleased with his work. It's a busy place! While I was waiting for him to finish up with one customer, Dave Chicos, a lifetime member of the DC community, stopped in and I asked him about the business. "The customer service is great," he replied. "When the farmers blow a tire, they need it fixed as soon as possible. They just take the tire off, and drop it at the shop. Bruce fixes it, the farmer comes back for it, and they are able to get back to work. He also fixes front tires on most every implement made. As a farming community, we really appreciate him."

I asked Bruce how a person can tell when it is time for new tires. He said there is a "wear bar" on each tire if you know where to look for it. But you can also use the "penny test". If you take a penny and place it upside down in the tire's tread, and multiple treads measure above the hairline, your tire needs to be replaced. Conversely, if multiple treads measure below the hairline, the tire is still in good condition. If you notice your car sliding in the snow, or hydroplaning on the water in the streets, go to Bruce!

Bruce now lives about 40 miles from the shop, on Roberds Lake. I asked him what he does in his spare time. He likes to go to Arizona for a few months in the winter to escape our harsh Minnesota winters, but in the summertime, he likes to have fun with his family on the lake in the pontoon or the jet ski, and attend classsic car shows, too.

So if you are needing an oil change, or thinking about getting some new tires for whatever you roll down the road in, come in and check out Jorgenson Tire Service! His prices are affordable, his work is excellent, and he keeps his customers happy! And tell him Cheri sent you!