Nadine's Piano Studio


Three students from Nadine's Piano Studio in Dodge Center performed in the 2021 Southeastern Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs (SE MN FMC) Festival in February.

Each student selects a piece from the official Federation list and a contrasting piece of their choice. Performances are from memory and are evaluated on technique, accuracy, musicality, etc.

Jared Giese of Kasson, performed “Cha Cha Chase” by Emilie Lin, and “Lavender Waltz,” by Dennis Alexander. He received a Superior rating for his first year participating in the Festival. Westley Gorham, of Dodge Center performed “Pixie Pranks” by Mary Leaf and “Jungle River” by Jon George. He received an Excellent rating. Katya Wheeler, also of Dodge Center, performed “Flamenco” by Catherine Rollin and “Sonatina No. 55 No.3, 1st Mvt.”. by Freidrick Kuhlau. Katya received a Superior rating.

The program of the National Federation of Music Clubs, of which SE MN FMC is a chapter, is designed to promote study and stimulate interest in American Literature and to encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement. Students accumulate points yearly toward their trophies and are also recognized for Consecutive Superior Ratings. It takes a minimum of three years to receive a trophy, and each consecutive trophy is larger tn the last, which generates motivation.