Ellingson Crew Recognized for Exemplifying Core Values in Life-Saving Act of Good Samaritanism


West Concord, MN - Ellingson, a leading company in underground construction, proudly acknowledges and honors a remarkable crew that recently displayed exceptional bravery and adherence to the company's core values. On the morning of May 5th , in the Minnesota metro-area, a group of Ellingson employees demonstrated integrity and grit when they acted as Good Samaritans during a life-threatening incident.

While commuting from their motel, the crew witnessed a vehicle approaching the roadway at high speeds, exhibiting erratic behavior. As the vehicle entered the roadway, it became evident that the driver may have been experiencing a medical emergency. The situation quickly escalated, with the vehicle careening into the sound barrier and becoming lodged.

Without hesitation, the Ellingson crew pulled over safely and immediately sprang into action to assist the driver until emergency medical services arrived at the scene. Under the leadership of Nick Diffendorfer, the crew assessed the situation and observed smoke inside the vehicle's cabin. Reacting swiftly, a crew member retrieved a fire extinguisher while others entered the vehicle by breaking a window. Inside, they made contact with the unresponsive but breathing individual and diligently monitored their condition until the arrival of EMS.

"I felt like I needed to stop and help,” said Diffendorfer. "We did what anyone would do."

This remarkable act of courage and selflessness demonstrated the embodiment of two Ellingson Core Values:

Integrity: The crew exemplified the essence of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Their unwavering commitment to assisting a stranger in need, regardless of the potential risks involved, speaks volumes about their character and their dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Grit: In the face of a potentially dangerous situation, the crew members consciously considered the risks to themselves and the driver of the vehicle. Despite the potential hazards, they displayed remarkable grit by choosing to take immediate action, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of the individual involved.

“Responding to a collision incident or being first on scene presents many risks and challenges for everyone involved,” says Blake Lawrence, Environmental Health & Safety Manager. “The crew handled the situation flawlessly and prepared for additional risk as they processed the scene, while maintaining a sense of urgency. While we do not know the injured 3rd parties’ condition or results of the incident, I strongly feel they aided a stranger and gave them the best chance for survival. I truly appreciate their courageous act and I am glad to have them on the team.”

Ellingson extends its sincerest appreciation and recognition to the crew for their heroic actions and their embodiment of the company's core values. Such exemplary behavior serves as an inspiration to the entire Ellingson team and reaffirms the company's commitment to fostering a culture of integrity, safety, and family values.