Dodge County Cowboy Church


The Dodge County Cowboy Church started about eight years ago when Charles Schaal was the pastor at the Congregational Church in Dodge Center. The Cowboy Church spread across the country with the resurgence of nostalgia for some of the Old West lore. After Charles left his position at the Congregational Church, the event moved to the old school building in Dodge Center. With the demolition of the old school building the Dodge County Cowboy Church now meets at the Kasson Church of Christ located at 901 8th Avenue NE.

The Cowboy Church meets on the second Sunday evening of each month, except during the mid-winter. It is not really a church service, they call it more cowboy and less church, just more informal and fun with lots of music. It starts at 5:30pm with some fun stuff and the music starts at 6pm. Sometimes there are guest musicians and other times anyone who wants can get up and play. They take requests from the crowd as well. They play songs, read a scripture, play more music and then Charles does a devotion or a story and then ends with more music. It wraps up about 7:15pm and then snacks are served. Last November pies were served in honor of Thanksgiving.

There is a cowboy boot to drop your donations in. A percentage of the funds go for use of the building, pay guest performers and sometimes donated to benevolent causes. Everyone is welcome to come and in March they had a packed house. The schedule is posted on their facebook page so you can see what is planned for each month. Like them on Facebook @cowboychurch55927. There is a Cowboy Church in Cherry Grove on the first Sunday and one in Lyle on the third Sunday of the month.