Dodge Center City Council Meeting - March 27, 2023



Monday, March 27, 2023

This published information is a summary of the full minutes of the March 27, 2023 Dodge Center City Council meeting. A copy of the full minutes is available for viewing at City Hall, 35 East Main Street or online at

Present: Bill Ketchum, Gary Trelstad, Cathy Skogen, Matt Maas, Paul Blaisdell, Lee Mattson,

A J Gengler, Mark Barwald, Ingvild Herfindahl, Daren Meier - Widseth, Tim Woessner, City Attorney and Kathy Freeman

The City Council approved the following items:

• Agenda and consent agenda;

• Purchase of 50-amp receptacles for vendor trailers up to four thousand dollars ($4,000.00);

• Purchase of 50-amp receptacles for both Maintenance shop and WWTP;

• Resolution 2023-09, A Resolution Approving Plans and Specs and Order Advertisement of Bids for the 2023 Street Improvement Project;

• Transfer of previous ambulance building abstract to new owner;

• Additional compensation for Interim Ambulance Director while Director is out;

• Resolution 2023-10, A Resolution Preserving Council’s Ability to Issue Debt to Reimburse the City for New Ambulance;

• Purchase of fireworks for Dodger Days with stipulation sponsors be found to pay for them.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm


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