Dodge Center City Council Meeting - January 8, 2024



Monday, January 08, 2024

This published information is a summary of the full minutes of the January 08, 2024 Dodge Center City Council meeting. A copy of the full minutes is available for viewing at City Hall, 35 East Main Street or online at

Present: Bill Ketchum, Gary Trelstad, Cathy Skogen (via video), Paul Blaisdell, Matt Maas, Lee Mattson, A.J. Gengler, Jeremy Dostal and Kathy Freeman

The City Council approved the following items:

• Agenda and amended consent agenda to include: December 11, 2023 City Council Minutes; November 20, 2023 EDA Minutes; Payment of Bills; Resolution 2024-002 A Resolution Designating Official Depositories; Resolution 2024-003 A Resolution Re-Adopting Resolution 2021-007 Use of Excessive Force Policy; Resolution 2024-004 A Resolution of Adoption of Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan; Section 3 Plan; Fair Housing Plan; Resolution 2024-005 A Resolution Adopting an SCDP Income Reuse Plan; Drug Free Workplace Certification; Dodge Center SCDP Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program and the Invoices Paid on December 26, 2023;

• Two new hires, Spivak and Stewig, for Ambulance Services;

• Appointment of Gary Trelstad as 2024 Acting Mayor;

• Resolution 2024-001 – A Resolution Designating Acting Mayor for 2024;

• Agreement between West Concord and Dodge Center Ambulance Service;

• Resolution 2024-006 A Resolution Amending Ambulance Fees and Charges;

• Declaration of Dodge Center Independent (DCI) as 2024 legal newspaper;

• Acceptance of CMS – Option 1 as 2024 Building Official;

• Public Hearing set for February 12, 2024, for Ordinance on 2024 building permitting rates.

Meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm