Dodge Center City Council Meeting - April 24, 2023



Monday, April 24, 2023

This published information is a summary of the full minutes of the April 24, 2023 Dodge Center City Council meeting. A copy of the full minutes is available for viewing at City Hall, 35 East Main Street or online at

Present: Bill Ketchum, Gary Trelstad, Cathy Skogen, Paul Blaisdell, Lee Mattson,

Mark Barwald, Deputy Tyler Vermeersch, Daren Meier - Widseth, Tim Woessner, City Attorney; Kathy Freeman and others

The City Council approved the following items:

• Agenda and consent agenda;

• Jacob Annexation Project authorized approximately one half the cost of terminating 5th Avenue Northwest;

• Public hearing set for May 22, 2023 on annexation petition of 5th Avenue Northwest;

• MPCA Stipulation Agreement;

• MPCA Permit Extension Letter;

• Resolution 2023-013; A Resolution Consenting to Amendments to the City’s Senior Housing Revenue Refunding Note (Wedum Shorewood Campus, LLC Project) Series 2015C

• Resolution 2023-014 – A Resolution Providing for the Redemption of Prepayment of the General Obligation Crossover Refunding Bonds, Series 2014A;

• Resolution 2023-015 – A Resolution Providing for the Redemption and Prepayment of the General Obligation Improvement and Utility Revenue Bonds, Series 2014B;

• Submission of grant application for increasing size of ramp and apron at airport;

• Closed Session;

• Opened Session;

• To accept insurance offer on the Ambulance Building

Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm