Dodge Center City Council Meeting - April 10, 2023



Monday, April 10, 2023

This published information is a summary of the full minutes of the April 10, 2023 Dodge Center City Council meeting. A copy of the full minutes is available for viewing at City Hall, 35 East Main Street or online at

Present: Bill Ketchum, Gary Trelstad, Cathy Skogen, Paul Blaisdell, Lee Mattson,

A J Gengler, Jeremy Dostal, David Myrom, Deputy Tyler Vermeersch, Daren Meier - Widseth, Tim Woessner, City Attorney and Kathy Freeman

The City Council approved the following items:

• Agenda and consent agenda;

• Nuisance Code – 208 E Main St. Deadline of May 31, 2023 to comply with City code. City will commence abatement process on June 1, 2023 if compliance not met;

• Authorization for City Administrator to file a copy of Ordinance No. 156, Second Series;

• SCDP Grant Application is city-wide;

• Authorized staff to recoup what they can from the old ambulance;

• Hire of three (3) new EMT’s;

• Accept recommendations of Fire Chief in the purchase of fire equipment accessories;

• Authorized staff to look into amending city code in the use of hog fence panels;

• Converting a planned T-Hangar at the Airport to general aviation hangars;

• Authorization for City Administrator to grant negative PTO time;

• City will levy back loan amount received from EDA on Essig loan;

• Proceed with 5th Ave NW annexation understanding infrastructure improvements are at owners expense;

• Expense of new impellers at North Lift Station;

• Free swim passes for fire and rescue staff and their families.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 pm