A Minnesotan

Second Winter


Seasons in Minnesota, and the rest of the Midwest, and wild. You’ve got Per-Witner, WInter, False Spring, Second Winter, maybe Spring, construction season- also known as Summer, and Fall.

False Spring came early to Minnesota this year, I think. If memory serves me correctly it normally does not get into the mid 40s during February. I feel like that is an early March thing most years.

Honestly having that nice of weather in February was excellent. We did not need our coats and could go outside and enjoy being there without freezing.

I fully realize that there are plenty of Minnesotans that enjoy going outside in the winter when it’s cold to do things like ski, snow shoe, and snowmobile. I however am not one of those people. Between late November and early April I take to being an indoor person.

With the exception of false Spring. Then I am outside along with all of the rest of the Minnesotans to enjoy the short window of nice weather while we have it.

But alas like all false Springs it came and went in a matter of a week or two. Now we embark into the second Winter.

After all, we already had our first Winter. It’s high time that we had a second Winter before we either get adult Spring or skip over the season completely and go straight to Summer.