5th Grade Math Masters Compete


What in the world is a math master? Math Masters is a math competition held throughout the State of Minnesota. Students are able to compete in three different areas. The first area consists of fact drills. The facts start with simple basic facts in all four operations, but quickly become more difficult. Competitors need to be aware of the order of operations, which include parentheses and brackets. The second area of competition requires participants to compete individually solving story problems, and the third area students compete as a team to solve more story problems. By the end of competition, students have worked to find the solutions to a total of 72 above-grade-level math problems.

Our Triton 5th Grade team of 11 students met a total of 10 times with their coach to prepare for competition. This year’s team traveled to Austin on April 20 to compete with a total of 117 students from 11 different school districts in our region. Their hard work certainly shone through since Triton was well represented at the awards ceremony following competition. In fact drill, the top 20 scores are recognized. Connor Schleusner placed 3rd, Jaxon Fate 4th , K’Stin Korbisch 7th , and Bryce Dupey 12th. Triton students also placed in the top 20 for individual story problem solving. Griffin Snyder placed 2nd, Rebekah Henslin 10th, and Wesley Shake 14th. Ten of the students from Triton formed two teams that competed well against the other 22 teams present. Triton Team #2 (Ryan Rosenau, Bryce Dupey, Wesley Shake, Rebekah Henslin, and K’Stin Korbisch) placed 8th, and Triton Team #2 (Jaxon Fate, Charli Henslin, Connor Schleusner, Layla Schley, and Griffin Snyder) placed 3rd!

Congratulations to the 5th Grade Math Masters Team!!! Job well done!!!!